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1) Danish DJ from Aalborg, Denmark playing dance, house and techno music. Kato released his debut album Discolized in 2010 featuring collaborations with artists such as Dr. Alban, Snoop Dogg, Outlandish, USO and Johnson of which lead single Turn the Lights Off (Feat. Jon) was a major club hit. 2) HARDCORE/METAL/NOISE ROCK/POST ROCK band from United Sates. THeir First released Ep Came With Nothing/Left With Nothing is freely available in their bandcamp. http://kat0.bandcamp.com/ Read more on Last.fm

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Alive - Radio Edit
Are You Gonna Go My Way (PH Elektro Remix Edit) - PH Elektro Remix Edit
Are You Gonna Go My Way - PH Elektro Remix Edit
Behind Closed Doors
Bitches & Booze
Celebrate Life (feat. Jeremy Carr)
Celebrate Life (feat. Jeremy Carr) - Ballroom Bangers Remix
Celebrate Life - Original Mix
Celebrate Life - Sick Individuals Edit
Celebrate Life - Sick Individuals Remix
Celebrate Life - Stafford Brothers Remix
Desert Walk (feat. Outlandish)
Desert Walk (feat. Outlandish) - Raaban Remix Edit
Desert Walk feat. Outlandish
Dimitto (Let Go)
Dimitto (Let Go) - Blasterjaxx Remix
Dimitto (Let Go) - Kato Remix
Dimitto (Let Go) - Miles Remix
Dimitto (Let Go) - Pelari Remix
Dimitto (Let Go) - Radio Edit
Discolized (Kato & Terri B)
Discolized 2.0 (Kato & Terri B)
Dumt På Dig - Radio Edit
Ejer Det (feat. Specktors & Djämes Braun)
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