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Anouk (Anouk Teeuwe, born April 8th, 1975 in Den Haag, Netherlands), is a multi platinum selling and multi award winning singer. Anouk Teeuwe Biography: She initially sang at weddings and parties with the band Shotgun Wedding, prior to meeting Barry Hay of Golden Earring, a friend of her ex-husband Edwin Jansen. Hay believed Anouk to have talent, and offered to write her some songs, one of which was her 1996 debut single Mood Indigo; written in collaboration with George Kooymans (also from the Golden Earring). Read more about Anouk on

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*Thu, 20 Aug 2015
Glemmer Beach
Strand, Lemmer, Netherlands

*Sat, 22 Aug 2015
Strandfestival ZAND 2015
Almere Strand, Almere-Stad, Netherlands

*Wed, 26 Aug 2015
Stöppelhaene 2015
centrum, raalte, Netherlands

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Everything (Acoustic Version)
For Bitter Or Worse
I Don't Wanna Hurt
Losing My Religion (Live At Oosterpoort)
Lost - Live & Acoustic
My Best Wasn't Good Enough
Nobody's Wife - Live And Acoustic
Pictures On Your Skin
Stop Thinking (Acoustic Version)
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